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Bicycle Guardian USPCC Playing Cards

Bicycle Guardian USPCC Playing Cards

Bicycle Guardian USPCC Playing Cards Playing Cards IN PAKISTAN AVAILABLE FOR SALE.
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The Guardian deck is a unique playing card deck by USPCC with a stark black and white design on its back that features a Guardian Angel keeping evil at bay. The face design of the playing cards is a white background with a standard pip design however the colours have been dulled slightly giving them a classier look. The Joker's design shows the Guardian Angel in full and the Ace of Spades design is a made from the wings of the Angel.
What Merchant of Magic says:
The Guardian playing card deck is a great alternative to standard Bicycle Playing Cards and they handle just as well! The black and white design is interesting enough without shouting 'special deck!" Well worth a look to add a bit of pizzazz to your card magic and they are also a great deck to collect too!
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